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Statement from The Community of St John the Divine;

"The Community of St John the Divine enjoy a warm friendship with the makers of the Call the Midwife series, and receive a share in the show's profits via the Jennifer Worth Literary Trust. To date, we have received over £95,000 in donations and Gift Aid from Jennifer's estate. For further information about our financial situation, please refer to our pages on the charities commission website- http://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/Accounts/Ends54%5C0000210254_AC_20140331_E_C.pdf


We enjoy the minimal input we have made into the making of the show, giving advice and helping with research when required. We are grateful to have been involved at this capacity, especially given the show is not based on our real lives.


Our decision to leave our current home for smaller premises was taken in 2014, after many years of prayer. We are now looking forward to this new chapter in our long and interesting history.


We are also looking forward to the Call the Midwife Christmas Special in December, and Series 5 next year!"



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